Migratory Birds

Brief: a take on Desanka Maksimovics’ Migratory Birds

In answer to your call,

The gathering anticipation,

The heavy breasted eager calls,


the Travellers lift to end their pause.

Dark-bellied upon Baltic-pink skies,

Through night and precipitation,

Their movement inks enduring tales,

Seen through the soul of visiting eyes.

Poem created in response to this weeks dverse poets Tuesday Poets ‘lost in translation’ in answer to the call of Migratory Birds by Serbian Poet Desanka Maksimovic



brief: elemental movement


breeze, easy days unfolding,

you tease, and catch curls descending,

cool, playful and free,

if I could be breeze, would you spend your days with me?

wind, wild nights evolving,

you harangue, and tantrum unrelenting,

wild, determined and driven,

if I could be wind, would you rage your nights with me? Read more

Son of the Sea


‘brief: Dylan Thomas inspired Love the Words

Son of the Sea

You went darkly into the night before me,
I shadow, a daughter of the son-of-the-sea,
And slip on the tails of your spectres-glee.

This scorpion-girl speaks your water-spoken tale,
Churns through blue-marls, surface broken,
Seeking Aegir through ethereal veil.

I, the she-bird, dive deep into tide-looped motion, Read more